Eva Mendes

Eva MendesAs Eva arrived for the screening of her new film ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’ she was wearing a lose fitting white shirt over a black skirt. The shirt was all unbuttoned except for the last two buttons above her tummy. She was wearing no bra underneath. And they call it malfunction? Perhaps a better word to describe the situation would be a planned wardrobe malfunction. As she posed in front of the posters ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans’ her hanging boob and part of light pink colored areola and nipple was all visible and photographers did not miss a second to shot the boob in great detail on Sunday.

Whether it was an Eva Mendes Wardrobe Malfunction or an Eva Mendes planned Wardrobe Malfunction, it has made the star and her movie a good jump start. In my private, humble opinion that was exactly the reaction meant by the boob and nip show.

So for the guys who want to see the model in greater details, Eva Mendes has offered plenty of opportunities. Her Calvin Klein lingerie ad, she is wearing a netted lingerie which is too short to hide anything, and wrapped around a male model who is having a hard on!