Taylor Swift Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction at the Country Music Awards

Taylor Swift Nipple Nip Slip at CMA Country Music AwardsLife is pretty good when you can sit down at the computer and with a click of a button see an extremely hot country singer’s nipple. Of course I’m talking about Taylor Swift at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday where her size A’s managed to slip out of her dress right into the loving (and at times creepy) embrace of the Internet. I have no clue how it happened with them being as big as a walnut but darn tooting I’m glad they did. See, I said “darn tooting” to appeal to all of our readers that listen to country music and after I’m done this post I’m going to have sex with my sister. I like to fit in.

Click here to see a full size photo of Taylor Swifts nipple slip malfunction.